Hello, PNW Key Clubbers!

The 74th annual PNW District Convention (DCON): Service with a Splash is only four short months away! With the convention approaching quickly, NOW is the time to start planning accordingly so that your clubs can be well-represented and experience the opportunity of a lifetime. 

When planning for DCON, there are many different components your clubs must consider, including transportation, chaperoning, convention registration, registration fees, and award applications. Although the steps required to attend the convention can feel overwhelming, I would like to remind you that in addition to our DCON 2024 Web Page and all of the resources it includes (find the link later in this Biweekly), your division’s respective lieutenant governor (LTG) is here to support you and your club.

While your club may be collectively fundraising, distributing paperwork to attendees, and filling out award applications, your LTGs are coordinating affordable divisional spirit packs, planning pre-convention divisional council meetings (DCMs), sharing resources from the District Convention Committee, and much more. If you or your clubs have any questions that cannot be answered through one of our digital convention resources, feel free to reach out to your division’s respective LTG at ltg[division #]@pnwkeyclub.org via email. 

Before taking a deep dive (get it ; )) into the many comprehensive resources available on our website, check out the DCON 2024 Call to Convention Webinar Recording linked below for a summary of key information about this year’s convention. Through this recording, listen to first-hand information from DCON Committee members, ranging from our jam-packed convention agenda to convention registration fees.

DCON 2024 Call to Convention Webinar Recording

Finally, don’t forget to register for the DCON 2024 Registration Webinar, which will provide a step-by-step breakdown of how to register your club for DCON 2024. Find more information about this webinar later in this Biweekly!

Would you like to lead and have your voice heard on an international scale? This year, Key Club International (KCI) has the following taskforce and member representative opportunities:

  • Communications Taskforce
  • Translations Taskforce
  • Truly International Taskforce
  • International Convention Committee Member Representative
  • Membership Development & Growth Committee Member Representative

This is an amazing opportunity open to any Key Clubber, regardless of position or grade. Please note that the application is due TOMORROW NIGHT, November 15th, at 11:59 PM (your local time).

KCI is using one application this year for all taskforces/member representative opportunities, so it is easy to keep track of. Each Committee’s Directives can be found on the application linked below.

KCI Taskforce and Member Representative Applications

Do you want to learn more about DCON 2024 and the registration process? This year’s DCON Registration Webinar will take place on Wednesday, December 6th, from 7:00-8:00 PM PST. The DCON Committee will reveal our Keynote speakers, discuss fundraising ideas for transportation/registration fees, and give a step-by-step example of the registration process. At the end, there will be an opportunity for an open floor Q&A to address any remaining questions. Be sure to register below no later than Monday, December 4th!

DCON Registration Webinar Registration

The PNW 74th annual District Convention will take place from March 8-10th in Portland, OR, at the Oregon Convention Center. Registration for this year’s DCON is officially open. The registration deadline is February 1st, 2024, so now is the time to start planning and fundraising with your club! Here are some important resources relating to convention:

DCON 2024 Registration Packet
DCON 2024 Election Packet
DCON 2024 Award Links
DCON 2024 Call to Convention Video

Click here to learn more about this year’s convention, Service with a Splash, and find the registration link, Registration Packet, Election Packet, and more.

Over the past month, the District Project Committee has been working to inform the district of our 2023-2024 PNW District Project: the SEAD: End Youth Houselessness Initiative. If you would like to learn more about youth houselessness, check out the SEAD Initiative Informational Webinar recording and newly released educational video featuring PNW District Project Committee members linked below. We can’t wait to hear about the impact you are making in your communities to contribute to this cause. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to District Project Committee Chair Amy Tran at project@pnwkeyclub.org

The SEAD Initiative Informational Webinar Recording
The SEAD Initiative Educational Video

The Membership Growth and Reactivation Committee has been working hard all summer to provide you with a few new resources to help grow your club membership throughout this service year! This campaign includes two new resources: How To: Land a Non-Kiwanis Sponsor and How To: Grow Member Engagement. Don’t forget about the recently updated 8th Grade Recruitment Kit and the many other great resources and tips and tricks inside the MGRC Toolkit. All of these resources can be found in the MGRC Linktree linked below. This is the time to be focusing on the continued growth of your membership or considering chartering new Key Clubs, Builders Clubs, or K-Kids in your area, so please utilize the many resources provided.

Additionally, the “Why Key Club?” Recruitment Video and Unlocking Success with K-Fam & MGRC Webinar Recording have officially been released! Remember, club growth continues throughout the year, so be sure to hear the insights of the K-Fam & MGRC Committees and share the recruitment video with potential new members. The links to the videos and the 2023-2024 Membership Campaign can be found below.

“Why Key Club?” Recruitment Video
Unlocking Success with K-Fam & MGRC Webinar
2023-2024 Membership Campaign

Need ideas for joint Kiwanis-Family projects? The K-Fam Committee just released its newest resource, the K-Fam Joint Project Guide. This guide lists joint project ideas appropriate for each K-Fam branch. Be sure to take a look to get some new ideas for your next joint project! The link to access the resource can be found below.

K-Fam Joint Service Project Guide

Here is a special message from our PNW District Administrator for club advisors:

Please join us on Thursday, November 16th at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom for our fall Advisor Town Hall. We will be discussing club resources that can help enhance the member experience and leading practices for successfully mentoring club officers. The link to register can be found here.

We hope to see you there!

In service,

Fall Advisor Town Hall Registration

The VING Project provides students with the opportunity to give someone in their life who needs a little help $1000 by submitting a brief nomination video. The only guidelines are that the nominee must be over the age of 18, living in the US, not family, and struggling with finances. Watch THIS quick video to see what The VING Project is all about! To nominate someone, go to vingproject.org/nominate-now and type PNW Key Club under “Where did you hear about VING?” To learn more about the VING Project and its mission, click the link below!

VING Project

Need someone to talk to? Have questions about Key Club International? Want advice or support? Come to Office Hours! International President and Vice President Office Hours are held on the first Tuesday of each month from 6 PM to 7 PM PST. The next call will be on Tuesday, December 5th. These office hours are open to any Key Clubber who wants to ask questions, get advice, or simply talk to Kyle and Maria.

Link to Join Office Hours

Do you want to learn how to make a real impact – the kind that changes lives and improves the world? Through the Global Leadership Certificate Program, you’ll learn how to get your voice heard and your community’s concerns met. With 39 different courses being offered based on Key Club’s core values of fellowship, leadership, and service, it is guaranteed that this program will not only help you stand out as a candidate for post-secondary education/employment – it will help you become a stronger leader and change maker.

Global Leadership Certificate

We are pleased to report that nearly all divisions have Lieutenant Governors now, some for the first time in many years. This is all thanks to the help of the advisors and Key Clubbers who nominated eligible students. However, we still need your help! Lieutenant Governors are vital to the health of each Key Club division and serve as the critical connection between the club and district levels. Clubs in divisions that have no Lieutenant Governors lack a consistent source of relevant updates, resources, and leadership.

The following divisions have Lieutenant Governor vacancies.

  • Division 9
  • Division 46
  • Division 52
  • Division 76
  • Division 78

If you or anyone you know is from one of these divisions and is interested in serving as a Lieutenant Governor during the 2023-2024 year, please contact me at governor@pnwkeyclub.org or District Administrator Brian Egger at administrator@pnwkeyclub.org for more information. I can assure you that serving on the District Board is an incredible experience and will help you develop your leadership skills.