Hello PNW Key Clubbers,

Spooky season is here! October brings to us a plethora of opportunities and traditions, whether it be trick-or-treat for Unicef, newly-released Key Club Recruitment Videos, or opportunities to work directly with Key Club International through their member taskforces! 

No matter what your interests or motivations may be, I promise you’ll find something of interest this month. As a District, our committees are continuing to put out high quality resources and webinars, such as our annual Call to Convention webinar, or our brand new 2022 Membership Campaign, both of which you can read more about in this Biweekly Update. Now is the time to plug in and get to work in creating the Key Club you’ve always wanted. 

If there is one thing that I’ve learned from Key Club, it’s that things will always be over sooner than you expect. By taking the second half of your service term to make meaningful, long-lasting changes, you can be sure your time is well spent. PNW Key Club and Key Club International are here to support you in your journey, so please let me know if there is anything we can do for you. I would be more than happy to host a Zoom call, or respond to any questions or ideas via email. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@pnwkeyclub) and continue to read Biweekly Updates to stay in-the-know!

Hello PNW Key Clubbers, you’re invited to the Call to Convention Webinar, which will be taking place on Wednesday, October 12th from 7-8 PM. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the 73rd annual District Convention: Once Upon a Service, which will take place from March 31-April 2, 2023 in Seattle, WA. During the webinar, we will go over the agenda, registration process, and more! Register through the link in our bio by Monday, October 10th, so you don’t miss out on our magical event.

Register Here

Have you ever wanted to work more closely with Key Club International? Do you want to improve Key Club for people all around the world? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then the Key Club International Taskforce is designed for you! Each year, the Key Club International Board (I-Board), comprised of 11 International Trustees, 1 Vice President, and 1 President, create taskforces to help accomplish a specific task throughout the year. These taskforces are made up of Key Club members from all around the world, much like you, that are interested in creating long-lasting change in the organization.

Currently, the Key Club International Board is accepting applications for anyone interested in serving on the Membership Taskforce and Website and Resource Management Taskforce. More information, and a short application, can be found below! Please note that the application is due on October 15th at 8:59PM PST.

Member Recruitment and Retention Taskforce
Website and Resource Management Taskforce

The Membership Growth and Reactivation Committee’s (MGRC) Fall’s Membership Campaign has been officially released!! This Membership Campaign will give you and your clubs additional resources and new ideas for increasing engagement, recruitment, and retention throughout the school year. The resources included in the campaign will help your Key Clubbers learn how to become leaders, how to provide service to your community, and understand the importance of being a part of Key Club. The MGRC committee has been working hard to provide you with new resources that will help you charter and reactivate Key Clubs in your area! Be sure to utilize all these resources that can help your clubs progress and grow so we can grow our Key Club community. All resources can be found on the MGRC Linktree, which is linked below.

MGRC Linktree

Hello PNW Key Club! Get geared up for Kiwanis One Day, which will occur on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022. Every year, Kiwanis Family members around the world gather on the fourth Saturday in October for Kiwanis One Day. It’s a day set aside for clubs to work together to better their communities — and to invite friends and family to join them in a joint-service project! So, keep that date in mind. Check out the website below on best practices for joint-service projects and more on Kiwanis One Day.

Kiwanis One Day Information

Furthermore, our Kiwanis Family Relations (K-FAM) Committee is proud to present their K-FAM Resource Linktree! It includes lots of resources and content that are helpful in fostering a strong relationship between our Kiwanis-family branches and Key Club! The K-FAM Linktree contains resources not only beneficial to Key Club, but to all other Kiwanis-family branches as well, so be sure to look over it and share it with your local Kiwanis-family clubs. There are email templates, guidebooks, infographics, and much more. The K-Fam Committee will consistently update this throughout the year so make sure to check back! Access to this Linktree can be found below. If you have any questions for the K-FAM Committee, don’t hesitate to contact them at kfam@pnwkeyclub.org. They are always happy to help you out!

K-Fam Linktree

The Pacific Northwest Opportunities Fund, also known as the PNWOF, is a grant provided by the District to assist with funding a Key Club’s service project or fundraiser that aims to benefit our District Project, the Help End Hunger Initiative, or the applicant’s community at large. The grant amount can range from $100 to $1,000 and cover up to 2/3 of the anticipated cost of the project.

The PNWOF application opened Thursday, September 1st, 2022 and closes Monday, October 31st, 2022. If your club could benefit from financial support to administer a service project or fundraiser, we would highly encourage you to apply. For more information please check out pnwkeyclub.org/pnwof, and feel free to email District Treasurer Jessica Xiong at pnwof@pnwkeyclub.org with any questions!

PNWOF Information

As the 2022-2023 fiscal year begins, Key Club International expects all clubs to pay dues this fall. 

As with previous years, dues are $12.50, with $5.50 being for the PNW District and $7.00 for Key Club International, per member. Clubs are able to increase this amount if needed, and the money in excess of $12.50 can be used by the club to fund any additional costs, as allowed by your club bylaws. 

It is encouraged that clubs submit dues by the Early Bird deadline, November 1st, to allow your club to qualify for the Early Bird Dues Patch as well as be entered into a raffle to win a Key Club spirit bundle and pizza party! The regular dues deadline is December 1st, 2022. Dues are paid through the Membership Update Center (MUC) to Key Club International. The club secretary and faculty advisor should have access to the MUC.

The MUC is now open for dues collection for the 2022-2023 year. Active clubs are able to update their membership rosters. We highly encourage the club secretary or faculty advisor to clean up the membership roster and delete any members who may have graduated in the past year. 

More information about dues can be found below.

Dues and Reporting Information:https://www.keyclub.org/dues-reporting/ 

Dues and Reporting Information

Please contact District Treasurer Jessica Xiong at treasurer@pnwkeyclub.org or District Administrator Brian Egger at administrator@pnwkeyclub.org with any questions.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF resources
Every year, Key Clubs around the globe unite in fundraising for UNICEF’s Trick-or-Treat during October. This year, we will be supporting their “Start Strong: Zambia” project. You can find resources for Trick or Treat for UNICEF at the link below. Builders Club will be joining as a fundraising partner this year. Hope you have a great season fundraising for this important cause!

Start Strong: Zambia Information

Recruitment Video (unveiled at ICON)
Here is a link and resources for the new recruitment video unveiled at ICON. You can download it at a variety of resolutions on Vimeo. You can also choose whether you want it to say ‘high school’ or ‘secondary school’.

Key Club Recruitment Video

Key Club Week
Save the date! We are just one month away from the best week of the year: Key Club week. Every year, we celebrate Key Club Week to join together as a service organization in highlighting the work we do. Resources are now live on Key Club International’s website at the link below. Check them out and start preparing your club’s week of activities.

Key Club Week Information

Do you want to receive monthly email updates from Key Club International? Do you want to become involved on the International level? Look no further! You can sign up for monthly newsletter updates, put together by our International Trustee, Shanelle Relucio, at the link below.

Sign Up Here

In early summer the Executive Committee hosted an Officer Training Conference (OTC) for officers without Lieutenant Governors and officers that were unable to attend their LTG’s OTC. Now that this has been conducted, we have a recording and slides available for you below.

OTC Recording
OTC Slides

This training is split up into sections, including Key Club 101, general officer training, and position-specific training. If you are an officer, we would advise that you watch any section that would be of interest to you, in addition to viewing the training for your specific officer position. Hopefully, these resources will help you learn more about your position while getting tips and tricks from the Execs. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have about this content.

Our District Project, Help End Hunger is more than just a project, it’s a movement. Originally created with the intent of providing local relief to communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19, the continued plague of food insecurity has provided reason for this district project to be extended into the 2022-2023 term. This project provides meaningful and unique opportunities to get involved through multiple vehicles of service. Throughout the service year, Key Clubbers are especially encouraged to participate in service projects at their local food banks, through food packaging, food drives, monetary donations, and educational events. The District’s goal for the 2022-2023 service year is to provide 100,000 meals to those in need! Our District’s contributions to this goal will be calculated through monetary and food donations recorded in secretary reports, so please help us reach our goal this year!

To get started, you can see past resources from the 2021-2022 District Project Committee below at our Issuu page. They have published numerous resources, ranging from General Fundraising Guides to articles in past ESPRESSOs. Two particularly useful resources are their one pager and Food Bank Tracker, which I’ve linked below for your convenience. The time to get involved in the District Project is now! You are always welcome to reach out to our District Project Committee Chair, Pauline Adonis, at project@pnwkeyclub.org with any questions, ideas, or suggestions.

One Pager
Food Bank Tracker
Donation Link
Issuu Page

Are you looking for something to do over the summer? Do you desire to become a better leader? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then, you should consider getting yourself a Global Leadership Certificate. Check out the video below by our International Trustee, Emily Leonard, to learn more!

Get Started

PNW Key Club can now be supported through Amazon Smile! Activate AmazonSmile on the Amazon mobile app or shop through smile.amazon.com with Pacific Northwest Key Club as your selected charity to have a portion of your eligible purchases donated to Key Club at no extra cost to you.

Follow the instructions below to activate AmazonSmile on the mobile app.

We are pleased to report that nearly all Divisions have Lieutenant Governors now, and some for the first time in many years. This is all thanks to the help of the advisors and Key Clubbers that nominated eligible students. However, we still need your help! Lieutenant Governors are vital to the health of each Key Club division, and serve as the critical connection between the club and district levels. Clubs in divisions that have no Lieutenant Governors lack a consistent source of relevant updates, resources, and leadership.

The following divisions have Lieutenant Governor vacancies.

  • Division 9
  • Division 22/24
  • Division 34
  • Division 42c
  • Division 52
  • Division 74
  • Division 78

If you or anyone you know is from one of these divisions and is interested in serving as a Lieutenant Governor during the 2022-2023 year, please contact me at governor@pnwkeyclub.org or District Administrator Brian Egger at administrator@pnwkeyclub.org for more information. I can assure you that serving on the District Board is an incredible experience and will help you develop your leadership skills.

Contact: District Governor Kyle Hanson
Contact: District Administrator Brian Egger