DCON 2023 Mega Forum Speaker

Patrick Holbert

Patrick Holbert is a former TV producer-turned-standup comedian who performs in some of New York City’s most popular venues. He has appeared on Sirius XM, TruTV, The Travel Channel, and was the host of the internationally syndicated TV show “The Movie Loft” for two years. The New York Times called him the “charming M.C.” of the children’s variety show he performed in from 2015-2017. Currently 14 years sober, Patrick hilariously uses his past struggles with alcohol as fodder for his brutally honest comedy. With jokes and autobiographical stories, his main goal is to destigmatize challenging topics such as mental health, addiction, and family dysfunction. When he’s not on stage, he also works as a substance abuse counselor and recovery coach. An active member in his sober community, Patrick is married and lives in Brooklyn.

DCON 2023 Opening Session | Keynote Speaker

Eric Mina

Eric Mina dares his audiences to dream about a world of unlimited possibilities. Eric’s award winning hypnosis show has been broadcasted on television to be viewed by millions of people around the world, as well as on every stage imaginable. Filled with impactful stories and skills you can use right now and fun demonstrations that will blow your mind, Eric discusses the five research-backed principles you must master in order to redirect your thoughts, take control of your mind, and unlock the power of your decisions. Overcoming obstacles, roadblocks, and disorders, Eric shares his personal struggles with ADHD and how he cured it with mindfulness and self-hypnosis. Eric dares his audiences to dream about a world of unlimited possibilities. Through Eric’s cutting edge approach to the art of hypnosis, he transcends the boundaries of your imagination and takes his audiences on a journey of the mind to create a once in a lifetime experience every time!

DCON 2023 Opening Session | Entertainment

Kevin Li

Kevin Li is one of the youngest magicians to fool Penn and teller on their hit tv show “Fool Us” and is an award-winning magician at the magic castle Hollywood. Not only did Kevin fool Penn and Teller on their revered TV show, but he made Teller tear up on his first appearance on the show and managed to fool them a second time on his second appearance. Beyond age-old and revered magic institutions, Kevin has one of the largest followings on social media for a magician, going viral time and time again for his tricks as he’s able to flawlessly speak to a younger digital audience. His unique brand of magic incorporates the perfect balance of sleight of hand, mentalism, and comedy. His viral videos performing for celebrities such as Kevin Durant, Michelle Yeoh, and Simu Liu have proven he knows the magic that will keep anyone engaged and entertained.

DCON 2023 Featured Speakers | Personal Development 

Melvin Adams 

Melvin Adams knows firsthand howto achieve great things despite challenging circumstances. Even though he was only 5’8”, he became a two-time NCAA All-American basketball player and the team captain of the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters. As an underdog who went on to become a professional basketball player, Melvin asks audiences “Imagine what you can do?” Not only did he become the face of the Globetrotters in the media, but he became Team Captain and was named “Mr. Globetrotter” numerous times. The title “Mr. Globetrotter” is presented every year to the teammate that exemplifies the most excitement and energy associated with the Globetrotters. Today, he encourages and entertains audiences and demonstrates how they can achieve their dreams no matter the circumstances they face.


Sahil Punamia


Sahil Punamia earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UCLA in 2013. Upon graduating, Sahil spent several years as a management consultant for L.E.K. Consulting, where he helped major film studios, professional sports teams, and media investors pivot to the digital world of content creation, distribution, and consumption. Sahil left L.E.K. to join Discovery Communications, where he helped lead digital and content strategy efforts for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and Science Channel. Recently, Sahil joined Netflix as part of the Marketing Strategy team for the U.S. Aside from his entertainment career, Sahil is also the founder of The Aspiring Professional, a career-strategy company that helps college students across the nation build their careers in corporate America.