District Editor Service Agreement

Last updated: January 10, 2022
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I, ________________________________, DO HEREBY DECLARE MYSELF willing to assume the duties and responsibilities of the office of EDITOR OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST DISTRICT OF KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL.


  1. Strive, at all times, to strengthen and build Key Club membership in the District.
  2. Maintain the quality of my schoolwork and keep up to date, so that permission may be secured from my parents and school authorities for occasional absences on Key Club business.
  3. Preside over all official board meetings and provide a report on your activities at each meeting.
  4. Attend the International Convention during my term of office and the Editors’ workshop.
  5. Attend the District Convention at the beginning and end of my term.
  6. Keep all Key Clubs in the District informed on the events of the District through at least four (4) publications. Fully comply with the publishing deadline schedule established by the Executive Committee. Ensure that each publication is also available on the PNW website.
  7. Supervise administration of the PNW Key Club website and maintain social media platforms.
  8. Provide club editor training as requested. 
  9. Establish and maintain at least monthly communication with editors. 
  10. Serve actively on at least one District Board committee.
  11. Present the editor training workshop at the PNW Key Club District Convention at the end of my term of office.
  12. Assist the Governor by leading problem-solving discussions at board meetings, read monthly newsletters and reports of your lieutenant governors, and respond to questions about divisional/club issues.
  13. Maintain active membership in a local Key Club while in office.
  14. At all times, keep an open line of communication with the District Board members, Kiwanis-family counterparts and the District Administrator.
  15. Provide monthly updates to the District Board. 
  16. Attend all executive meetings and other special meetings when called.

I acknowledge that the above does not represent a complete listing of the responsibilities of Editor of the Pacific Northwest District. Future training from Key Club International and the District Administrator will provide me with additional responsibilities and goals.

See PDF for official form.

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