Duties of the Club Editor

Last updated: January 10, 2022
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Editor skills and general duties

  • Club editors have the role of making Key Club known within the community. The editor is the advertiser, the communicator, and the public relations officer.
  • Make sure the public and club are informed about the service Key Club is doing and will be doing.
  • Use technology for communication and marketing.
  • Utilize various forms of communication, including wikis, websites, text messaging and e-mail
  • Be creative.
  • Be proficient in and follow the Key Club graphic standards.
  • Keep an updated copy of the Key Club graphic standards CD.
  • Make sure Key Club magazine and district publication are distributed for all members to read about the exciting service Key Clubbers are leading.
  • Send articles to the district publication. Contact your lieutenant governor or district administrator to learn how to submit your stories.
  • Submit articles to the Key Club magazine.

Communicate in the community

  • Develop and/or order membership recruitment materials for club growth efforts.
  • Make public service announcements, contact local media and send articles to community newspapers.
  • Create media releases for club service projects.
  • Complete and submit a mayoral proclamation in honor of Key Club Week.
  • Order helpful materials from Key Club International by calling 1-317-875-8755, ext. 411, or download materials at www.keyclub.org/downloads.

Document club service and programming

  • Take pictures at meetings and events. Take responsibility of the club camera, if your club has one, very seriously.
  • Save all published newsletters, signs, calendars and banners.
  • Optional: Organize pictures and club events, meetings and overall work in a scrapbook to be entered in district and international contest (when applicable).

Manage club communication

  • Ask members in a meeting or use member information to determine what communication method best fits each member’s needs.
  • Post a calendar of events to publicize meetings and upcoming projects.
  • Make morning announcements, posters, signs and banners to promote projects and meetings.
  • Visit www.keyclub.org to see current Key Club news and upcoming events.
  • Produce a bimonthly or monthly newsletter.

Suggested duties

  • Create a website or wiki or maintain the current one.
  • Manage and update weekly a bulletin board in your meeting location or school.
  • Take the lead to celebrate Key Club Week. Use the special resources atwww.keyclub.org/keyclubweek each fall to get your club well known in your community.

Additional duties

  • Work with the editor-elect and help him/her prepare to take over your job next year and provide and complete technology training where necessary.
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