Lieutenant Governor Service Agreement

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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Division __________________ Member ID Number __________________________

Key Club of _________________________________________________ High School

I, ____________________________________________________ do hereby declare myself willing to assume the duties and responsibilities of the office of Lt. Governor for the Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International.


  1. Maintain the quality of my schoolwork and keep up-to-date at all times so that permission may be obtained from parents and school authorities for occasional absence on Key Club business.
  2. Maintain active membership in my home Key Club.
  3. Strive to strengthen and build Key Club in my division.
  4. Increase my knowledge and understanding of the Key Club organization and the functions of Key Club at the club, division, and District and International levels.
  5. Attend all scheduled Board meetings and the District Conventions at the beginning and end of my term of office. Failure to attend any of these required functions without prior written permission will result in immediate dismissal from office. Registration for all will be timely by the dates specified.
  6. Make every effort to attend the International Convention.
  7. Be ready to make occasional appearances within the limits set by the District Administrator and Governor. (Prepared speeches will be necessary)
  8. Hold an Officer Training Conference on or before June 30 for all clubs within my division. Additional Officer Training Conferences must be held either virtually or in person throughout the summer and early fall until the majority of officers in each club have been trained.
  9. Visit each club in my division at least twice during my term, and record each visit on the following month’s report. First round of visits must be completed by June 30, unless otherwise noted in PNW Key Club Policy F.
  10. Work closely with other members of the Kiwanis-family. Visit all Kiwanis clubs in my division at least once. Attend the Kiwanis divisional council meetings.
  11. Prepare and distribute a Divisional Newsletter by the 10th of each month. Copies must be sent to each divisional Key Club, Kiwanis Club, Administrator, District Board and Advisor.
  12. Hold an election rally no later than January 17th in accordance with District Bylaws and policies and at least one divisional event or fundraiser.
  13. Achieve full and timely dues collections of both District and International dues.
  14. Submit a Monthly Report on my division to the District Executive Board, Administrator and Area Administrators by the 10th of each month.
  15. Hold monthly President’s Council meetings.
  16. Respond to all mail, e-mail and phone calls within 24 hours unless prior arrangements are made with the Governor.
  17. Copy the District Administrator and Area Administrator on any communication involving Kiwanis, faculty advisors, or other adults.
  18. Perform any other work as needed or requested by the Governor or Administrator

I fully realize if at any time, two consecutive monthly reports and/or newsletters are not filed on time (or other items are not followed), I will be put on probation, subject to Governor’s review and dismissal from office. Failure to adhere to the Key Club Code of Conduct at any Key Club function will result in disciplinary action or removal from office; as deemed appropriate.

I believe that my experience in Key Club and other school organizations is such that I can perform my duties and responsibilities as a District Officer.

See PDF for official form.

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