Duties of the Club Kiwanis Advisor

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Educate Yourself

The role of a faculty or Kiwanis advisor is an important one. You will be called on to give of your time, your energy and your enthusiasm. Because of your dedication and commitment, students will be given the opportunity to become better leaders and to serve their home, school and community.

Get your team together Look to your school and community for more adults willing to share the workload and the benefits involved with mentoring and advising Key Club members. Below is a list of duties that can be organized and divided based on skills and interests of the club advisors.

The Kiwanis sponsor should see that the Key Club:

  • Meets regularly and ideally weekly.
  • Follows the Constitution and Bylaws of Key Club.
  • Develops the nine recommended projects.
  • Develops club fundraising activities.
  • Elects club officers early–in February.
  • Informs international and district offices immediately upon the election of new club officers for the upcoming year. Names and mailing addresses should be provided.
  • Has some social activities.
  • Develops and sends in articles about activities to the editors of the district publication and Key Club magazine.
  • Understands and uses correct parliamentary procedure.
  • Keeps complete and accurate minutes of all meetings.
  • Forwards monthly reports to the proper people in the district.
  • Completes an annual achievement report and submits it to the district.
  • Pays dues to both Key Club International and the respective district.
  • Sends delegates to both international and district conventions.

Finally, personally sees that:

  • Training sessions are conducted for new officers.
  • Each member is encouraged to stand up and express his/her views.
  • Several members meet weekly with the Kiwanis club.
  • A file of Key Club resources are kept and used.
  • Assistance is offered to help send club delegates to district and International conventions.
  • Any special needs and requests are sent to the international office.
  • Key Club activities are well publicized in school and community.
  • Kiwanis club members, several at a time, attend Key Club meetings.
  • Key Club offers assistance to the Kiwanis club on any activity in which members can be useful.
  • Your club receives the official publication of Key Club, Key Club magazine.
  • Your club receives spring and fall mailings from Key Club International
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