Kiwanis SLP Sponsorship Monthly Checklist

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❏ Kiwanis One Day: Participate in a Kiwanis One Day service project. Kiwanis One Day encourages all Kiwanis-family club members to jointly perform a community service project. 

❏ CKI Week: Celebrate Kiwanis family members during Circle K Week in October. Visit to learn more. 

❏ Youth Protection Week: Kiwanis International observes Youth Protection Week annually, giving Kiwanis clubs the opportunity to conduct important youth protection training and evaluate the club’s compliance. 


❏ Early Bird: November 1st is the deadline for Early Bird dues submission. Submitting your dues by this deadline will ensure your club receives special recognition from Key Club International as well as a special banner patch. To qualify for Early Bird recognition, you must submit dues for at least 15 members and payment must be received by Key Club International no later than November 1st. 

❏ Key Club Week: The first full week of November is dedicated to Key Club Week. This special week gives your club the opportunity to show your community what Key Club is truly about: service. Learn more at 

❏ District Convention: Start planning for your club’s participation in the District Convention. Decide on fundraisers to send delegates and consider how available funding will be allocated to members. For example, members on free or reduced lunch could be given priority over students without financial need. Contact the District Administrator at or visit the PNW Key Club website at for more information. 


❏ Status Report: Evaluate, along with your club officers, your club’s progress so far. What’s been accomplished? How many service projects have been completed? How can the club improve?

❏ Dues: Verify that dues have been paid by December 1st and consider if any members still need financial assistance with paying their dues. 

❏ Membership: Along with the officer board, assess membership development, growth, and retention. Analyze the results to date and come up with a plan for the rest of the year. Consider how you might be able to attract student groups that are under-represented in your Key Club through partnerships with other student-led organizations at your school. 

❏ Club Officers: Spread the word about upcoming club elections. Encourage club members to consider running for an office. 

❏ District Officer Elections: Are you encouraging qualified members of your club to seek the office of Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, or Lieutenant Governor? Your club should also select delegates to attend your division’s LTG election rally which will take place in December or January. 


❏ Membership Drive: Conduct a membership drive to interest new members. Update club membership records using the Membership Update Center at and submit new members’ dues. 

❏ Elections: Your club should conduct elections to select the new club officers. Once elected, update their information in the Membership Update Center at 

❏ District Convention: Continue your club’s plans and fundraising for attending the Key Club District Convention. Elect two club members to be voting delegates for District Convention. Apply for awards and contests. Fill out the Annual Achievement Report with your Club President and Secretary. Make sure all necessary forms are filled out for registration.

❏ District Officer Elections: Share any campaign information you receive with qualified members of your club interested in running for higher office.


❏ Officer Training: Develop a plan for training newly elected officers so that when they take office on April 1st, they’ll know what’s expected of them. 

❏ K-Kids Week: Celebrate K-Kids Week the last full week of February. Visit to learn more.


❏ Officer Resources: Be sure that outgoing officers pass on their resources and other files to incoming officers. 

❏ District Convention: Attend District Convention with club officers and as many club members as possible. 

❏ Builders Club Week: Celebrate Kiwanis family members during Builders Club Week the third full week of March. Visit to learn more. 

❏ Aktion Club Week: Celebrate Kiwanis-family members during Aktion Club Week the first full week of March. Visit to learn more. 


❏ Convention Report: Have club members who attended the district convention report to your club, as well as your sponsoring Kiwanis club, about their experience. 

❏ Lieutenant Governor: Have the Club President invite your Lieutenant Governor to induct new members, install officers, or attend a meeting as a guest. If you aren’t sure who your Lieutenant Governor is, visit the PNW Key Club website at for the District Directory. 


❏ Future Plans: Organize a plan for the upcoming school year with your incoming Key Club President including committee assignments. Elevating your club’s members to serve as committee chairs also provides another leadership development opportunity for members. Include your Kiwanis advisor in the development of this plan. 

❏ Installation Ceremony: Following elections, officers are installed at a ceremony and take office. Pins for new officers can be ordered at 

❏ Budget: Work with your club officers to create a budget for the coming year and present it to your sponsoring Kiwanis club board. 


❏ Key Club International Convention: Attend the Key Club International Convention. Try to have at least two members from your club attend the convention. 

❏ Officer Planning Retreat: Revisit the plans you made with your Key Club President by hosting a retreat for your Board of Directors. Each club should have an annual calendar of events before the school year starts as well as a plan for fundraising and special programs to be held during club meetings. Remember to invite your Kiwanis advisor. 


❏ Membership Updates: When new members join your Key Club, update their membership records using the Membership Update Center at and submit their dues. 

❏ Key Club Events: Attend divisional training conferences when scheduled, including Officer Training Conferences, President’s Council Meetings, Divisional Council Meetings, and Key Club Days. Make sure you are also subscribed to receive the district’s bi-weekly email updates so your members can attend special training webinars organized by the District Board. 

❏ District Project: Assist the club in determining ways to support the District Project. 

❏ Kiwanis Meetings: Provide opportunities for Key Club members to attend Kiwanis club meetings and service projects. 

❏ Key Club Meetings: Invite members of the sponsoring Kiwanis club to attend Key Club meetings and service projects. 

❏ Interclub: Encourage your club officers to have an interclub activity with your Kiwanis sponsor. Jointly plan a Kiwanis-family project with your Kiwanis club

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