Christmas Baskets

Christmas Baskets is a project that Omak High School Key Club has helped with for many years. The week long project consists of a food drive, toy drive, and clothing drive. Key Club’s role is to help with the organization and the distribution of the foods donated. We started preparing this year’s Christmas Baskets on Monday, December 12th, by putting boxes together and receiving the donations. Then, Tuesday and Wednesday we worked on separating and labeling the foods by the different types we received such as peanut butter, rice, flour, etc. During Thursday and Friday, we helped to arrange 300 boxes in lines. Then with a list that specified the contents needed in each box, we started to fill them up. On Saturday, the food was distributed to the families from all over Okanogan County. Some of our bilingual Key Clubbers also got to help in the registration area by serving as translators to the Hispanic community. Other Key Clubbers were busy assisting the families in the additional stations such as gifts and clothes too. This project is definitely our most attended by members and it is amazing how many hours each member invests. This is one of the most gratifying projects we help with, and at the end we are conscious of the need, and the happiness such act can give.