Pacific Northwest Opportunities Fund


PNWOF, or the Pacific Northwest Opportunities Fund, is a program for dues-paid clubs in the district to apply for a grant to fund a large-scale service project. Grant amounts range from $100 to $1,000 and cover up to two-thirds of the anticipated total cost for the service project. If your club has ambitions to make a long-lasting impact on your community, but your financial situation doesn’t allow you to fund such a project, PNWOF is an ideal program for you!

The PNWOF application officially opens each year on September 1st and remains open until October 31st at 11:59 PM. We notify grant recipients in November and announce winners during DCON in the spring after the funded projects have been completed. When preparing your application, be mindful of the deadline because it approaches faster than you may expect.

The PNWOF Grant Application opens on September 1st and closes on October 31st. If you have any questions about PNWOF, contact the PNWOF Committee Chair at

2023-2024 PNWOF Grant Recipients

Clackamas High School - Winter Blitz

Clackamas High School was awarded $1,000 for their annual Winter Blitz service project. This year, the project provided a holiday Christmas experience (with food and gifts) to those in need in the local community. Clackamas Key Club was able to successfully meet all the requests of the local families that signed up for the event. The PNWOF funds they received were specifically spent on purchasing needed gift items for children in each family. 

McDaniel High School - Homelessness & Drug Abuse Winter Drive

McDaniel High School received $760 to purchase socks for local homeless shelters in their community. Recognizing that socks are among the most needed and least donated items in these shelters, McDaniel Key Club decided to take action. The club members worked with a local charity and organized a drive to distribute the socks efficiently, ensuring every recipient received socks. They utilized the PNWOF funds to provide essential warmth and comfort to those in need within their community.

McLoughlin High School - Fill a Backpack, Make a Smile

McLoughlin High School was awarded $1,000 to host their “Fill a Backpack, Make a Smile” service project aimed at helping community members in need of school supplies. This year, with help from Mcloughlin Key Club Members, the project achieved a significant milestone by filling over 150 backpacks with essential supplies. The PNWOF grant enabled them to help out students in need of school supplies, complete a mid-year backpack drop to schools in their community, and create a store of supplies so they could help individuals in moments of need.

Skyline High School - Operation Christmas Stocking

Skyline High School was awarded $150 for their service project, Operation Christmas Stocking. With the PNWOF grant, they were able to fill their stockings with items such as beanies and stuffed animals for children in need during the holiday season. Skyline Key Club was able to make over 60 stockings to give to disadvantaged children across the Bellevue and Issaquah communities. To add to the items in the stockings, Skyline Key Club also bought materials for their members to write cards to the recipients of each stocking.

Steilacoom High School - Winter Care Packages

Steilacoom High School was awarded $800 to fund their winter care packages project. The club used the grant to purchase supplies to support local homelessness during the winter season. They partnered with the Tacoma Rescue Mission to produce over 120 care packages, each containing essential winter items such as blankets, fuzzy socks, hair ties, and lip balm. The collaboration with the Tacoma Rescue Mission ensured efficient distribution to those in need. Over several days, club members assembled the packages, emphasizing warmth and comfort toward those in need within their community.

Sumner High School - Blankets for the Unhoused

Sumner High School was awarded $400 to purchase fleece for making blankets to support their local food bank. With the dedicated assistance of Sumner Key Club members, they organized a series of blanket-making sessions, which took place over several days. The students worked together, cutting and tying the fleece to create warm, cozy blankets. The initiative provided much-needed warmth and comfort to individuals and families relying on the food bank, many of whom face harsh winter conditions. The PNWOF grant allowed the school to buy fleece in bulk, significantly extending their resources and impact.

Vancouver Technical Secondary School - Care Kits for Kids

Vancouver Technical Secondary School received $485 to support financially disadvantaged families through care kits for kids. They purchased items designed to help children in the Vancouver area stay warm and energized during the cold winter months. The items included socks and gloves to keep children warm in cold weather, granola bars, oatmeal packets, and extra snacks. Additionally, soap bars, toothpaste, and toothbrushes were provided to promote proper basic hygiene. With all these materials, they were able to create over 75 care kits for families within their community. 

Yale Secondary School - Homeless Youth Holiday Packages 

Yale Secondary School received a $625 grant to create Christmas Care Kits for their local homeless shelter. With the PNWOF grant, they purchased a variety of clothing and hygiene products to provide warmth and comfort during the winter months. The items included essentials like sweatpants, underwear, and hoodies, as well as hygiene products such as deodorant. The initiative not only provided necessary items to those in need but also fostered a sense of community and empathy among the children and families with their local community during a time of giving.