March 11-13th, 2022 │ Portland, OR

You’re invited to the 72nd Annual District Convention! Join the Pacific Northwest District in this weekend-long, hybrid event designed to refine leadership and gather 2000+ Key Clubbers from over 300 clubs to celebrate service. At DCON, Key Clubbers attend workshops, receive officer training, participate in spirit battles, and elect the next District Executive officers.

DCON 2022 Registration
DCON 2022 Virtual-Only Registration

DCON 2022 Registration Packet

Here is where you will find the convention schedule, information on the House of Delegates, and all of the DCON awards.

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DCON 2022 Election Packet

Interested in running for higher office? This resource outlines all of the campaigning rules, required paperwork, and upcoming meeting dates.

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Call To Convention Video

Check out what happened in previous years!