Flashback to Kiwanis DCON 2017

From August 24th to the 27th, I, along with seven other District Board members had the opportunity to attend the 100th Annual Pacific Northwest Kiwanis District Convention in Kennewick, Washington. Throughout the weekend, we were able to interact with around 400 Kiwanians, as well as the Circle K District Board members in attendance. The convention started bright and early Friday morning, with opening session. To start off the convention, Kiwanis Immediate Past Governor Ron Myers, Circle K Governor Cody Li, and our Key Club Governor Dmitri Saberi performed their duet “We are Kiwanis”. This was the first time that the convention was called to order jointly by three branches of the Kiwanis-family. On Friday, we also attended the Young Heroes Luncheon. At this luncheon, we heard from and honored youth in the Kennewick area that had experienced tragic events. This was truly eye-opening and inspiring to see how individuals close to our age, were able to overcome such events. Later Friday night, we helped volunteer at the Kiwanis BBQ, hosted at the S.I.G.N headquarters, a humanitarian organization which provides orthopedic treatment to trauma victims in developing countries. At this event, not only were we able to interact with Kiwanians, but we also able to witness the impact this wonderful organization has and the impact Kiwanis makes on this organization. The next day, we attend the Awards Banquet, in addition to attending the Governor’s Banquet. The theme of this year’s Governor’s Banquet, hosted by Ron Myers, was “Celebrate KCCP Successes”. At this banquet, we heard from a doctor who works in the Fellowship Program at one of the three hospitals at which KCCP funds, as well as a patient who was influenced by the funds of KCCP. It was amazing to hear from a doctor’s perspective that works in the Fellowship Program of what our District Project specifically funds and the research that they are currently working on, in order to find a cure for children’s cancer. The convention came to a close on Sunday with the Service Leadership Program (SLP) Breakfast. At this breakfast, we heard from both the PNW Circle K Governor Cody Li and our Key Club Governor Dmitri Saberi on their main goals for the year, District Convention, and their District Projects. In all, our convention experience could not have been better. What made this convention experience so memorable was the interaction we were able to experience among the branches of the Kiwanis-family. At Kiwanis DCON, we were able to speak with current Circle K members and Kiwanis members about what we do as Key Clubbers and the impact we make in our communities. This allowed us to see that although we are six different branches of the Kiwanis-family, we all have one passion and that passion is to serve our communities.