Help End Hunger

What is the District Project?

The 2022-2023 Pacific Northwest Key Club District Project is the Help End Hunger initiative, chosen by District Governor Kyle Hanson and approved by the 2022-2023 District Board. This initiative goes beyond being a project; it’s a movement. Our goal for this District Project is to provide Key Clubbers and Kiwanians with the resources, knowledge, and inspiration to make an impact in their local communities to help end hunger. Since the District Project isn’t partnering with one specific organization, every Key Clubber has the opportunity to directly impact their own community.

The Current State of Hunger

A child’s chance for a bright tomorrow starts with getting enough food to eat today

Feeding America projects that 42 million people, including 13 million children, may experience food insecurity in 2021.

1 in 6 children

in the United States live in food-insecure households.

Every dollar donated to Feeding America helps provide 10 meals for people in need.

According to the Canadian Community Health Survey, food insecurity was prevalent in 1 in 8 Canadian households from 2017-2018.

Why Help End Hunger?

Hunger Impacts Youth

Children experiencing hunger are more likely to struggle academically, develop health issues and chronic diseases, and experience delays in fine motor skills and language development.

Food Insecurity is a Local Issue

In every PNW Key Club Division, there are individuals facing hunger. Hunger disproportionately affects marginalized groups, specifically those who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).

This is a Direct Service Project

By incorporating service, fundraising, and education in this initiative, both urban and rural clubs can contribute and help their community, regardless of their location or financial situation.

Organizations to Consider Supporting

Feeding America

“Working Together to End Hunger”

Feeding America has a network of food banks throughout the United States. Large food banks in the PNW District, such as the Oregon Food Bank, Food Lifeline, and Second Harvest, are part of this network.

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Northwest Harvest Coalition

“Growing Food Justice Across Washington”

The Northwest Harvest Coalition is a Washington-based non-profit hunger relief agency that distributes food to partner programs across the state and works with organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

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Food Banks Canada

“A Canada Where No One Goes Hungry”

Food Banks Canada offers several national programs to help target food insecurity in Canada. Their network includes several food banks in British Columbia.

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Your Local Food Bank

Locate your local food bank and ask them for ways you can help!

Feeding America Locator
Food Banks Canada Locator

How the PNW District Will Be Involved


Packing and distributing food at local food banks and other distribution sites in your area. Additionally, holding food drives within your club supports your nearest food bank or community shelter.


By raising money for organizations like Feeding America and Food Banks Canada, these groups can provide nutritious food, resources and other items to community members in need.


One of the easiest yet effective ways to support the District Project is to educate your club members on the hunger crisis in your area and identify ways to help.

Help End Hunger One-Pager

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Help End Hunger Initiative: Food For Thought Webinar