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Last updated: June 1, 2021
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The primary duty of the Key Club Area Administrator is to serve as the advisor to the Key Club lieutenant governor(s) in their assigned area. The Area Administrator also serves as the representative of the Key Club District Administrator.

  1. Encourage and support the Key Club Lt. Governor in their duties. 
  2. Assist the Key Club Lt. Governors in holding officer workshops for all of their Key Clubs between August and October. 
  3. Assist the Key Club Lt. Governor in obtaining names of new club officers for the District Directory. 
  4. Work with the Key Club Lt. Governor to encourage local Key Clubs to pay their District and International dues. 
  5. Assist the Key Club Lt. Governor in planning any special functions for Key Club Week.
  6. Be available for speaking engagements during Key Club Week programs. 
  7. Assist the District Administrator in the counseling and training of the Key Club District  Board. 
  8. Provide a yearly training program for all Key Club Advisors between August and October. 
  9. Be aware of clubs under suspension. Contact local Kiwanis sponsor and school principal to reactivate club. 
  10. Attend Key Club District Convention. 
  11. Assist District Administrator in supervisor capacity. 
  12. Attend all Key Club Charter Programs held in your area throughout the year.
  13. Attend all Key Club District Board Meetings if possible. 
  14. Attend as many rallies or workshops as possible in your area. 
  15. Develop Key Club membership by helping build new Key Clubs and strengthening existing clubs. 
  16. Educate Kiwanians about Key Club.
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