Duties of Club Committee Chairs

Last updated: January 10, 2022
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The position of committee chair differs within each club. Club officers need to decide which areas of their club need to most attention. A committee can then be formed as needed. Many clubs also form committees to coincide with a big project they may be having.  

Some common committees are:  

  • Public Relations  
  • Scrapbook  
  • Fundraising  
  • Projects  
  • K-Family Relations  
  • Membership Recruitment 

Committee Chairs  

Each committee within a club should have a committee chair. This person is in charge of seeing that the goals of the committee are fulfilled as well as reporting to the club officers the happenings and progress of the committee.  

Committee chair checklist  

  • Set standards for the committee. Establish goals and have a plan of action.  
  • Assign duties for committee members. Make sure each member has a job on the committee so that your ideas and goals will be carried out  
  • Hold committee meetings. Meetings should be held at least monthly. It’s imperative that your committee has updated information on the progress of the committee.  
  • Give a report to your club officers. Keep your club’s board updated on the committee’s progress as well as new information between reports.  
  • Pick up any slack. It’s sometimes hard to ensure that committee members do their job, so the chair has to be willing to step in and pick up any slack that could potentially slow the committee’s progress.  
    • Frequent follow-ups on each committee member. Make sure each committee member is doing their part within the committee.  

Committee chairs have a big job throughout their club. They are entrusted with doing the “behind-the-scenes” work so their club can be successful. It’s a tough job to ensure that the club’s goals are implemented, but the committee chair needs to make sure that jobs within the committee are distributed evenly to each member.  

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