Duties of the Club Board of Directors

Last updated: January 10, 2022
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The board is composed of the officers and directors and is directly responsible for the administration of the club.  Since most clubs prefer to have as little business as possible brought before regular club meetings, most of the administrative and planning activity of the club is carried on by the board of directors and the committees. The directors (one from each class and often called the class representatives) bring new viewpoints to board meetings. They assist the president with his/her duties by taking on special assigned tasks from time to time. 

The following focuses on group function, and the duties listed are in addition to those each officer handles individually. As the club’s governing body, the board of directors should: 

  • Conduct regular monthly meetings at a time determined by the board. 
  • Approve the budget and all club expenditures. 
  • Approve new members and membership deletions. 
  • Require that the chair of each committee or his/her representative be present at each meeting to give a report of the committee’s activities. 
  • Make suggestions to the committees regarding their work; outline an active, continuous program of club service, social, and fund-raising activities. 
  • Discipline members when necessary. The board may suggest a member be suspended or expelled for nonpayment of dues, for unexcused absence at meetings, for conduct unbecoming a member, or for failing to meet the scholastic requirements of the school. Any decisions on discipline are subject to immediate review by the principal prior to final action. 
  • Request that the Kiwanis advisor or representative and the faculty advisor be present at all board meetings.
  • Approve the president’s appointment of members to all standing and special committees. 
  • Report to the club at the regular business meeting all action taken by the board of directors. Invite club members to attend board meetings at any time. 
  • Perform such other duties as may be referred to it by the club.
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