Duties of the Club Webmaster

Last updated: January 10, 2022
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Whether it is updating a website or posting on social media, the webmaster will spend a lot of time telling the club’s story. The best way for a webmaster-elect to begin the term is to obtain all login information needed from the previous webmaster. Once the login information has been received, the webmaster-elect can begin reviewing what types of posts were used on the club’s website and social media.

Duties and responsibilities

Responsible for the club’s online presence, the webmaster must be prompt, thorough, accurate, and engaging. The audience will only view the items for moments at a time, so being short and to the point is very important.

Some common items to include on a club’s website include:

  • Calendar of events
  • Blog about experiences
  • Contact information
  • Photo albums
  • Recognition of any sponsors and advisors
  • Club officer information

Additionally, here are some items to consider posting regularly:

  • Club member birthdays
  • Club activities and announcements
  • Facts about Key Club
  • Facts about an organization or location your club is serving
  • School spirit and support

Each club will decide which mediums are right for it. Some will use a website and many different social media outlets; others will use only one social media outlet. Either way, the webmaster is responsible for promoting the interest of the club to a web-based audience.

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