Meet Your 2024-25 District Execs

District Governor – Isabella Baldisseri

Give it up for your 2024-2025 DISTRICT GOVERNOR! 👑🙌😆 Isabella Baldisseri served last year as the LTG of the Division 70 Polar Bears, and is a sophomore this year! She never fails to impress us and is one of the most well-spoken, diligent, gorgeous, and inspirational people we know! Isabella is the leader of our Key Club Kingdom, providing crucial support and mentorship to all the LTGs, and she is always thoughtful on every decision that impacts the district, ensuring we are set up for success. LET’S GO ISABELLAAA!! 💖😇😁

District Secretary – Mae Ramac

Your 2024-2025 DISTRICT SECRETARY is Mae Ramac! ⭐️💫👏💯 A shining star herself, Mae represents the Division 38 stars, and this past service year she was a club secretary. Mae never fails to put a smile on our faces with her bubbly personality and is constantly working unbelievably hard, whether in or out of Key Club! Mae has been thoroughly reviewing secretary reports and the District Directory, always helping keep us organized and listening to clubs’ needs. WE LOVE YOU MAE! 💖🥹

District Treasurer – Jeffrey Basilio

Introducing your 2024-2025 District Treasurer…none other than the SLAYFUL JEFFREY BASILIO! 💸💯😆 Jeffrey served this past year as a Club Treasurer, and is one of the Division 32 Dragons 🐉 He is always ahead of the game working on new resources for treasurers and preparing for PNWOF and dues season 💪 He is also one of the most chaRIZZmatic people we know, charming and impressing all those around him with his excellent public speaking skills 😉😛

District Editor – Tessa Hill

Our DISTRICT EDITOR is Tessa Hill! 💯🤭 As a Division 72 River Otter, Tessa was a club editor for the ‘23-24 service year. This year, she has been hard at work keeping you all up to date, creating all the graphics you see on this Instagram page and most other places, as well as putting together THE ESPRESSO 🔥 COMING OUT JUNE 15TH! 😝🙏 Be on the lookout 😜 KEEP IT UP TESSA!!