My Key Club Story: Amanda Le

In the past years, Black Hills High School has tried various ways to get people involved in service projects and make them excited to participate. Though the events aren’t mandatory, it’s always a little disappointing when no more than one or two members show up to an event that my fellow officers and I planned months ahead. This year, with our new methods of recruiting new Key Clubbers (such as utilizing more social media networks and promoting Key Club throughout the school), we were able to get a substantial amount of eager Key Clubbers ready to serve the community. Even though we had a bigger group compared to past years, my fellow officers and I were still hesitant as to if they would follow through with their commitments to go to individual events. At our last meeting on October 14th, we announced various volunteer opportunities such as the UNICEF Trick-or-Treat, our school blood drive that’s happening this week, and a food bank sorting opportunity that happened last week. Surprisingly, everyone in our club raised their hand to participate in the UNICEF fundraiser and our volunteer sheets for the blood drive and food bank filled up immediately. This new level of participation ignited a new degree of dedication and love for service that we officers didn’t even realize we had before. The picture that I attached symbolizes the amount of participation that we’ve achieved for this year’s Key Club. Going from having one or two members participating to having a small group at a food bank sort is definitely a big adjustment. But I am very proud to say that my fellow officers and I have achieved this big milestone through our three years of leading our Key Club members.