My Key Club Story: Annie and Jennie

“I joined Key Club because it gave me opportunities on doing what I love. One of them is helping out with the community. I remember my very first event, the Walk for KCCP. I am honestly shocked at what a simple event can do to change so many children’s lives and I am extremely proud at what we’ve done. That was when I knew that I didn’t regret I’ve joined this club. It gave me a chance to experience something that I had never done before. The satisfaction of helping out others and the environment is quite rewarding. Key Club establishes friendships and opportunities to give back to society by volunteering. That’s what I love about Key Club!! (:” – Annie Zhang “Why did I join Key Club? There’s no specific reason but I did want to get to know more people. Key Club is where you could meet new people, earn hours and give back to the community!! I always loved to volunteer and Key Club gives you opportunities to volunteer. I haven’t done many events with Key Club since I just joined this year. I did the KCCP Walk with Key Club and it was a really fun experience!! Knowing that you’re being able to raise money and raise awareness for children who are in need. It really does makes me happy! c: This is my beginning with Key Club. I can’t wait for the new opportunities to come!! ” – Jenny Nguyen