My Key Club Story: Don’t Forget Your Purpose

“It was a day that moved and motivated me for my term.” – August 12th, 2017 A quote that brings warmth to your heart, these words don’t always ring true for all your rally attendees. On August 12th, Canada Rally ran on a jam-packed schedule full of useful and exciting workshops, ranging from meditation to membership growth. Some attendees walked away with a new view on Key Club. Some gained a new arsenal of knowledge, geared up for the next 6 months. Some were just there for the food. Going into the school year, how can you make sure each lesson is valuable? Here’s how: KNOW YOUR PURPOSE Remind yourself that Key Club is more than service hours and a line on your resume. Our Major Emphasis is “Children – Their Future, Our Focus”, and don’t forget it! You, as a member of Key Club International, are here to make a difference. The meetings you attend and the presentations you actually listen to add to your knowledge. The more you know about our cause, the easier it will be to power through every fundraiser and project with passion. Motivate yourself by letting speeches and presentations motivate you! REALIZE YOUR POTENTIAL Knowledge isn’t only valuable for execs – you can make a difference as a member! Take initiative with the information you have and talk to your execs about how you can serve your home, school and community. If you’re not looking to take on a big role, take part in a project or volunteer opportunity! A step you take as a member may seem small, but remember that we are an international organization – with over 13 000 members in the PNW District, our steps together span a distance of 10 marathons! LEAD BY EXAMPLE You may not be an executive member, but you can still be a leader in your club and community. When you know all about your club and its projects, get your peers interested and get them to come to volunteer opportunities. For the club execs out there, hammering your members with statistics and information is not going to inspire them to be active Key Clubbers. Show your members what you do, be the person who inspires their Key Club moment, and make them want to learn more about your shared passion for service. Take a step back and remember who and what you volunteer for, then think back on what you learned from the summer rallies. Once you know why and how you can serve, you’re in for a ride, so have fun and soak up the sun, sand and service! Your potential is a paradise as wide as the reach of the Olympic rings, and it can only grow bigger as you grow as a member of Key Club.