My Key Club Story: “Go”

Why does Key Club matter to you? Go. When we hear the word “go,” we think of moving to some place physically, or moving to a different phase in our lives. The word “go” evokes different feelings in people. When we were kids, we were hesitant to leave our friend’s house or the park when our parents told us that it was time to go home. Now as teenagers, we ask friends if they want to go hang out, but we also begin to associate the word “go” with fear, anxiety, and the unknown. People usually ask us, “Where do you want to go in life?” or “Where do you want to go for school?” It makes us realize how much of our future is unknown and insecure. So, why do I put such an emphasis on this word? In my four years of Key Club, the word “go” transformed my life. One of the many things I learned in Key Club is: tackle the opportunity presented now, and be afraid later. Coming into freshman year, I was profoundly affected by my passion for digital media, and the results of my mother’s death a couple years ago. I was driven, but I also turned incredibly shy because my family life at home was not that great, which affected my behavior and thoughts. When it came to Club Rush, I followed my friends around the school excitedly. I saw a group of people dressed in bright yellow and cyan blue capes, screaming out cheers. Strangely enough, I was drawn to this club. In my awe at their spirit, a board member approached me and said, “Hey! You should go join Key Club!” The same board member kept in contact with me throughout my freshman year, and became somewhat of my mentor. When club appointed board applications came out in the spring, she suggested, “You need to go apply for board. I promise that it is a life-changing experience.” I took that opportunity, and was appointed as Club Bulletin Editor (after walking 2 miles to the interview and showing up 2 hours early). As sophomore year was about to roll in, applications for district committees were released. The District Technology Chair, who happened to attend my school, told me an hour before applications were due, “Go apply for the Technology Committee.” In the middle of creating a graphic, the District Technology Chair started our call with, “Nhung, you need to run for District Editor. Go, go, go.” I was halfway through junior year, and finishing my district editor term when the District Convention Chair suddenly messaged me in all caps, “ARE YOU NOT GOING FOR TRUSTEE? YOU NEED TO GO FOR IT.” That club board officer was right about Key Club being a life-changing experience. Through all those sudden requests (more like commands), I learned that the amount of effort you put in determines the experience you will have. Of course, I was scared every time. I was afraid that I would not do a great job, and that I did not deserve the honor of representing people. Every year, however, support for me to enter these positions grew; my friends wanted to help me enter an experience that will enrich both my life and and the lives of others. I doubted my abilities, but I took on those opportunities anyway because I knew I could grow. There are people relying on me to contribute to this organization, so I am going to work my hardest to give something back. Key Club provides unique opportunities for high school students to build connections and their character, and it is only right to take on those opportunities. My last word for you right now? GO.