My Key Club Story: Jeffery Wang

Why did I join Key Club? I joined Key Club because I enjoy helping out others while giving back to my community, as well as socializing with others through a variety of volunteer opportunities. It was the service project, Salmon Days, that ignited my passion for volunteering, and after the start of my sophomore year, I joined Key Club in search of more volunteer opportunities. Key Club has shaped me to become what I am today, as I continued to establish numerous memories over the past year. DCON was definitely a memorable event for me as I underwent a “metamorphosis” from introvert to an extrovert through meeting other divisions during the three-day event. Through all of the icebreakers, I was able to learn how to take initiative to talk to others and share my ideas to the public with confidence. All in all, I would just like to say that Key Club is what you make of it; capture every moment, and don’t wait to stumble on the key to open doors to opportunities, get out there and find it!