My Key Club Story: Mino Nakura

As an inhabitant of this fine planet we call Earth, I am obligated to ponder the infinite wonders of this planet. There is a wonderful quote by Dorothy Parker on curiosity: “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” A freshman at Newport is not afforded the wealth of knowledge that is bestowed onto the seniors at Newport. The only compass that this freshman has to navigate them through his first years of high school is his own curiosity. This particular desultory freshman, therefore, starts by navigating through the halls after school, unorthodoxly peeping into each room, hoping to stumble upon a room that fancies his ludic personality. As he sails through each club, he will steady his ship towards the Treasure Room, the room that reaps the most profit, the most assets. This stripling has eventually settled on a club called Key Club.

For me, high school is a voyage filled of surly waves and churlish thunderstorms. Every time I felt that my ship would capsize, I looked at Key Club to steady my vessel. In the endless sea that has carried me many more miles than I ever anticipated, I had but Key Club to comfort me during my many long, cold nights. Though these waters have been steadily unsteady for the past three years, I have found in Key Club my passion in bringing happiness to others.

Although Dorothy opined that curiosity has no cure, I would like to renounce that claim by declaring that I have found a cure for my childish curiosity. Curiosity may have killed the proverbial cat, but it has satisfied the inquisitive freshman.