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Thank you for volunteering to work with our Kiwanis International Service Leadership Programs. You are making an investment in the future of Kiwanis and your community by dedicating time to our future leaders! 

Now that you have made this important commitment, the first step is completing a background check with the Kiwanis International-approved vendor, Safe Hiring Solutions.

  1. Log into your Kiwanis portal and click the background check button. If you have trouble finding the background check button, email your club secretary for a member-specific link or contact
  2. Have your Social Security number, home addresses for the past five years, phone numbers, and any other personal identifying information at your fingertips as you complete the Safe Hiring Solutions background check forms. If you are paying for your background check, please have your credit card information (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) nearby to submit at the end of the process, unless your club has made other payment arrangements. 
  3. The search begins! What exactly do we check?
      1. Social Security verification 
      2. National Criminal Database 
      3. National Sex Offender Registry 
      4. County criminal search 
      5. Federal district search 
      1. We make every attempt to keep the screening process similar from country to country to ensure that our volunteers and the youth that we serve are safe. If you are outside of the United States, please contact for more information.  
  4. Review time: If your check returns any convictions, we will review those and determine the next steps. A full list of offenses and which offenses are not suitable for SLP advisors can be found in section 197.2 of the Kiwanis International Policies and Procedures. 
  5. Upon an approved completion of your background check, you will receive an email from Safe Hiring Solutions stating that you have been approved to volunteer. If you do not receive any notification within a month of submitting your information, first check your spam and junk folders and then contact your club secretary or to follow up. 
  6. Your background check is good for two years. About one month before your check expires, we will send you an email reminder with a link to reapply for an updated background check.

How is my data protected?

All personally identifiable information is kept on a secure server, and access is strictly limited to those employees who need that information to carry out their job responsibilities. All Safe Hiring Solutions employees and contractors are carefully screened and properly trained. The privacy and integrity of all information is protected. Any information that is transmitted electronically is done so via SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.

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