Faculty Advisor Guide

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Faculty Advisors play a critical role. Your time, energy, and enthusiasm will allow students to become better leaders and serve the community around them.

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

On the club level:

  • Attend all regular meetings and board meetings.
  • Share service project ideas with Key Clubbers.
  • Help obtain meeting room space for meetings.
  • Maintain discipline as needed.

On the school level:

  • Ensure all Key Club projects follow school regulations.
  • Assist with club finances, including the dues payment process, following standard procedure for student groups.

On the district and international levels:

  • Attend Key Club conventions and training conferences when possible.
  • Ensure Key Clubbers can attend all district and international events (e.g., DCON, ICON, Key Club Days), including assisting with event registration and logistics.

A word of caution: Key Club is a student-led organization. It is not necessary to become overloaded with details or overstep Key Clubbers’ duties to be a valuable advisor. Instead, ensure officers are familiar with their responsibilities and can follow through with obligations.

Key Club International Faculty Advisor Training

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