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Every October, each club must update its information and membership roster using the Membership Update Center (MUC). If you have questions, please message or the District Treasurer at


  1. The club treasurer and secretary should work to collect each new member’s first name, last name, graduation year, and email. Existing members’ emails should also be collected in case they have changed. It is important that members submit current and regularly checked emails as they will be used by Key Club International and the Pacific Northwest District to communicate information. 
  2. The club treasurer should work with the bookkeeper or finance manager to accept and track dues payments. Dues are $12.50 ($7.00 goes to Key Club International, and $5.50 goes to PNW Key Club).
  3. The club treasurer should verify that only paid members are on the list of members to be added to the MUC. 

Payment on the Membership Update Center

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the instructions on the first screen to log in. Your adviser or club secretary should have access to the login information via email (if you have trouble, contact You can also find a video here:
  3. Click Membership Update Center on the left-hand bar. Scroll to the top and click the Members tab. Delete only the old members who are no longer in Key Club, so the club is not charged for their dues. Then, click Bulk Add Members. Afterward, add the prompted information and click Save. Continue adding until all members have been entered. 
  4. Fill in officer and meeting information in the Dashboard. Scroll down, update adviser information if they have changed in the last year, and add the additional club information prompted. 
  5. Go to the Finances tab and click the check box to print an invoice and pay by mail or pay online by credit card. If selecting Print Invoice for Mailing, give the invoice to the school’s bookkeeper or financial manager responsible for processing payments to vendors to use to send on a check on the club’s behalf. 

IMPORTANT: Only the club secretary and faculty advisor have access to the Membership Update Center. The club treasurer does not.

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