Salmon Fishing at Kodiak, Alaska

​The Salmon Life Social was an important event for our club because it unites our new Key Club members with our Key Club members from last year. Because the Salmon Life Social was the first official Key Club event of the school year, outside of our weekly recycling inside the high school, we were able to instruct new members on how Key Club works and how we serve our community. For the event, we had more volunteers than we needed, which indicated that we had plenty of members who want to participate and gain service hours. Although the event duration was five hours outside in one of our state parks, members willingly shared their time. In the event itself, members were tasked with watching kids and participating in fun activities. Some members were guides to direct parents and kids to the right places and events. In addition to directing people to the right places, members also supervised children to make sure they were safe and having fun. As for the activities, there were big salmon puzzles, face painting, shirt creating, and buoy races. Members would help the adults and children to complete the puzzles and painting designs on their faces. Also, kids would be able to paint stencils, paint their own designs, and paint salmon to press down on plain white t-shirts to bring home as a souvenir. Our own members were able to have fun as well with buoy races, which were racing against friends on buoys across a sandy volleyball court. As a result, the Salmon Life Social was an event where all of the attendees were able to have fun and create fond memories. Kodiak is a small town on the southern end of the state of Alaska. See map below: Although the school is extremely geographically isolated, its participation in service and district-wide fundraisers and efforts is not. Kodiak High sent around 30 members all the way from Alaska to the district convention in Portland this spring. As you can see from the story above, Kodiak still continues their unique, empowering, and impactful service for their community.