Secretary Of the Month: Adrienne Li

Hi PNW! For October, we are honoring Adrienne Li from D32 as our Secretary of the Month. Here is a message from Adrienne: “Hey Key Clubbers! I’m Adrienne, a junior at Kentridge High School in Division 32. I first joined Key Club in my freshman year because of the previous secretary before me (shoutout to Josh), who convinced me to join and introduced me to the world of service. I ended up falling in love with the community and all the acts of service we provide. I think what separates Key Club from all the other community service clubs is that we’re able to make serving others and putting good into the world more fun and meaningful. It’s not every day that things like this occur because it really takes special people and lots of hard work to make this happen. It has always given me hope for the future that there are so many passionate people in my generation whose warm hearts will make the world a kinder place. Let’s “key-p” it up, Pacific North Best 🙂 !” Thanks, Adrienne!