Secretary of the Month: Aviana Navejar

This past month’s Secretary of the Month is Aviana Navejar from Hermiston High School in Division 80! Here is a message from Aviana: “Hello fellow Key Clubbers!! I’m Aviana Navejar from Hermiston High School in Division 80, where I serve in the position of club secretary! I’m a sophomore this year and have been a member of my school’s Key Club since the beginning of my freshman year. I am so honored and excited to accept this award! I really love being secretary because I like keeping track of information and figuring out the best way to organize it. I joined Key Club with the intention of helping out my community because of the injustices I’ve seen. I’ve loved volunteering and helping out where I can. Key Club has also exponentially improved my confidence around others. I find myself so much more comfortable with public speaking and being a leader in groups! Lastly, I’d like to give thanks to my advisor, LTG, and my fellow club officers. Their work should not go unnoticed, as they do so much good to improve our club and our division while still having so many other activities on their plate! Thank you so much, and I’m so excited for what my future in this role has to offer!” Congratulations, Aviana!