Secretary of the Month: Rory Clark

January’s Secretary of the Month is Rory Clark from Kingston High School in Division 19/36! Here is a message from Rory: “What’s up Key Clubbers!!! My name is Rory Clark, and I am the Secretary for Kingston High School’s Interact-Key Club, under Division 19/36. I am currently a senior and have been fulfilling secretary duties since last year, coincidentally the same time I joined the club! I am so totally honored to be your Secretary of the Month! Joining Key Club has been a great experience, though the Key Club dating advice has yet to fulfill its promises of helping me get a date, so what’s up with that? Other than that Key Club has been a source of fun and inspiration for many, never failing to have an amazing story of ambition and success. I am so proud to call myself a member of my school’s club as our community and service is what I say is our best quality, and it is always so rad to be around the club. As I stand with my Academy Award, I want to thank my club President Genevieve Upton and my LTG Ariana Hurtado, who I have created the best Key Club memories with! Go Key Clubbers and PEACE OUT!!” Congratulations, Rory!