Summer rally season has come to an end, but it has left Key Clubbers across the Pacific Northwest with lifelong memories. This year rallies were held in the Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, and Canada areas. All four of these wonderful rallies came with their own unique forums, which were all fun, inspiring, and educational! Attendees could experience “Running for Higher Office” to learn more about furthering their leadership or “How to Get a Date” for some tips and tricks on how to attract the love of their life. There were also influential speakers such as past Key Club International President Kevin Zhang, Dr. Linda Stork from the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program, and more! Each rally also had a unique theme and special activity, such as the black light dances and Lieutenant Governor pieing. Overall, attending these rallies will be a life-changing experience and I hope many of you attend them next summer! – Brian Nguyen, Division 66

SEAttle Rally (July 23rd, 2016 9AM-3PM at Bellevue High School)

“I remember how in the ribbon lei workshop with Peter, our division (32) was sitting in a corner, the only group struggling and laughing about our poor crafting abilities. We tried consulting each other, but in the end Peter had to come assist each of us; thankfully he had the patience to bear with us as we fumbled with the first knot for 20 minutes. Honestly it was a fun, unique experience where I was able to get closer to my division by ‘problem-solving’.” – Ammara Touch, Division 32

Portland Rally (August 6th, 2016 9AM-6PM at Zion Lutheran Church)

“PAR was an amazing experience that was full of fun and interesting forums and activities. The forums helped me grow as a leader, an officer, and as a Key Clubber! There was also many activities such as icebreakers that allowed me to meet many other Key Clubbers from around the area! It was overall an event that I loved and am looking forward to attending next year!” – Brenda Ramirez-Sanchez, Division 66

Tacoma Rally (August 8th, 2016 9AM-4PM at Mount Tahoma High School)

“My first experience at the Tacoma Rally was both entertaining and inspirational. Truthfully, I only came because Sarah Archer asked me to, but it ended up making me excited to join Key Club. I brought along a good friend of mine and the two of us had the best time and I learned a lot about the importance of our Key Club. After the rally, I was inspired to join and I was left in the best of moods, thanks to all of the wonderful Key Club leaders.” – Kate Caviezel, Division 30

Canada Rally (August 13th, 2016 11AM-3:45PM at University of British Columbia)

“Canada Rally 2016 was my first ever Key Club rally and I can truly say that it was an unforgettable experience. My favorite part of rally was definitely the keynote speakers. This year, we were able to hear two different stories about cancer patients who were able to overcome their battles with the help of the KCCP. It really showed me the significance of our district project and why we should support such a wonderful cause.” – Michelle Yang, Division 13/15/17