The Colors of Service

The most important things to remember about Key Club is our ideals: to spread love, hope, and positivity through the world with the power of community service. Sometimes, however, it’s easy to forget that — especially when you’re waking up at 4am to get to an event. The event of choice was the Color Run: a giant 5k marathon hosted internationally, sweeping through communities and helping local charities get back on their feet. Determined to be our own hero for the cause, we recruited a small army of 20, tempted them with donuts and good company, and considered the date saved. Obviously we were gathering to show our support, but it ended up being memorable for more than one reason: how great are you if you manage to convince 20 teenagers to wake up before sunrise?? The actual event was just as impressive. We were thinly spread from the fairgrounds to the racetrack, and alongside countless volunteers from other groups (and Key Clubs!) corralled hundreds of eager runners. The first four hours were a blast: we greeted runners with care packages, threw colors along the raceway, and cheered at the finish line. When the crowd thinned, we were left to pack up the entire event — which looked like a very colorful warzone, mind you. Quite the feat. Looking back on it, there wasn’t anything really ground shaking about the event, the attendance, etc. The reason why Franklin Key Club has worked to reach such great heights is the sheer motivation each member provides. When 200 people give their all to a cause, there’s really nothing they can’t do. Every single one of our members knows and loves what they’re fighting for. Now that’s panther pride.