What’s Poppin’ PNW: January 22, 2021

A special thank-you to Ashland High School Key Club for diligently pursuing Southern Oregon wildfire relief over the past four months! The club hosted a very successful car wash in the fall, raising over $600. They communicated with the Phoenix-Talent School Board President as well as the Phoenix-Talent School District Superintendent to identify the most crucial items needed for the wildfire survivors. In collaboration with the Ashland Kiwanis Club, Ashland High School Key Club helped organize the virtual Monster Dash Run for Education, which earned approximately $23,000. Half of the profits was distributed to the families of wildfire survivors of the Phoenix-Talent School District. In addition, Club Presidents Alex Holden and David Johnson applied for the PNWOF grant and were awarded $1,000 and Key Club Lieutenant Governor of Division 82 Kaitlyn Kim applied for the Youth Opportunities Fund and was awarded $2,000. With these funds, Ashland High School Key Club was able to purchase 25 space heaters for wildfire survivors to use in their unfurnished RVs during the winter, and are planning to allocate the rest of the money to camping stoves, propane tanks, and Crock-Pots