What’s Poppin’ PNW: June 12, 2021

For our first What’s Poppin’ PNW of the service year, we are featuring Division 21! Here’s a message from the President of Monroe Key Club, “During Monroe Key Club’s annual chalk drawing event, we wrote congratulatory messages to our seniors since it was their last week of high school and wished our underclassmen good vibes for the upcoming school year! We drew these messages and images at two of the main entrances of our school.” Division 21 LTG, Thein Nguyễn said, “Incredible and inspiring work, Monroe! Thank you to the lovely officers for planning this event and for those who showed up to write kind words for the students. I’m so glad to see that our members are getting back into in-person activities, and I can’t wait to see more of it in the future. You all rock!” Thank you Division 21!