What’s Poppin’ PNW: November 19, 2022

Hi PNW Key Clubbers! For this week’s What’s Poppin’ PNW, we are featuring Division 44. Here is a message from their Lieutenant Governor, Lynnsay Pham: “The busiest part of our Key Club term has officially kicked in and Division 44 has been working tirelessly to serve our local community with high impact service projects and to improve Kiwanis Family relations. In September, almost all of our clubs attended joint events with Kiwanis. One example of this was the Baby Food Drive, which resulted in the donation of 512 lbs. of food toward Help End Hunger. I would also like to make a special shoutout to Union, Camas, and Fort Vancouver High School. Union and Camas recently competed to obtain the most items for their “Unsheltered Drive”, the goal being to collect items to donate to veterans in need. Together, they succeeded in acquiring over 3,000 donations. In addition, Fort Vancouver High School hosted a service project dedicated to creating kits filled with hygiene products and clothing for the homeless. They, along with volunteers invited from other schools in our division, were able to make 245 kits that day. I am so incredibly proud of you all! You’re the best butterflies in the world.” Thanks, Lynnsay!