What’s Poppin’ PNW: November 25, 2023

Hi Key Clubbers! For this week’s What’s Poppin PNW, we are featuring Division 30. Here is a message from Lieutenant Governor Kobe Rodriguez: “Division 30 has truly done such an incredible job at serving their community this year! Each of our six clubs has truly embodied caring, inclusiveness, character-building, and leadership. First, Sumner High School, my very own club, was recently granted a $400 PNWOF grant to make blankets for the unhoused in support of the District Project! Additionally, they have been hard at work volunteering at the local food bank and creating local fundraisers for their own club! Second, Bonney Lake High School just finished its annual “We Scare Hunger” event with the highest turnout they have ever had, and its meeting attendance is hitting record highs! Third, Emerald Ridge High School has also hit record-high meeting attendance, with over 60 members at the meeting that I visited! They are also hard at work volunteering at their local food bank and starting local food drives. Fourth, Rogers High School is hard at work planning fundraisers for their club (including one for National Rubber Ducky Day!) as well as creating blankets for the unhoused. Fifth, Puyallup High School has also volunteered at their local food drive and is planning multiple school-wide fundraisers to support their community. And, last but not least, White River High School has tripled their membership over last year and is working closely with Buckley Kiwanis to plan their annual Christmas service event and recharter their Builder’s Club! Our division as a whole is planning an upcoming winter DCM in line with the holidays, and we could not be more excited to attend DCON! It has been truly an honor to work with each and every member and officer within the division. Our division’s progress is a product of the ambition and drive that each of our members possesses. I am so excited to see what is to come over these next few months. Stay strong, jellyfish!” Thank you for your hard work, Kobe!