What’s Poppin’ PNW: September 16, 2023

Hi Key Clubbers! For this week’s What’s Poppin’ PNW, we are featuring Division 20m. Here is a message from the Lieutenant Governor, Emily Tran: “As the new school year begins, Division 20m has grown tremendously in both spirit and dedication. Throughout the summer, our members have actively contributed to their communities, both in small and large ways. On September 2nd, we organized a joint DCM with Division 20i as part of our preparations for Key Club Day North the following week. The plans were able to materialize out of the (Division) group chat! This event allowed me to witness something truly special – interactions between clubs that had not occurred in years. It was heartwarming to observe our members forging new connections and bonds with one another. They enthusiastically took charge of creating the spirit stick, crafting bracelets, and engaging in other meaningful interactions. Although there was a bit of initial awkwardness as we all learned the spirit chants together, this process ultimately brought us closer and laid the foundation for us to become one of the most spirited divisions at Key Club Day North. I am genuinely excited about the potential for further growth and unity within Division 20m as we continue to prepare for DCON. Let’s keep the momentum going! :)”