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Member and District Resources Committee

Key Club International Icebreakers From Afar

Looking to break the ice during your meetings? Try these great ideas:

  1. Hosting Online Kahoots – Create Kahoots about Key Club or individual members.
  2. Online Scavenger Hunts – Create a list of common items for members to find. Encourage them to take photos with the items and send them to the group.
  3. 2 Truths And A Lie – One person states three things about themselves, 2 truths and one lie. The group must determine which one is the lie.
  4. Acrostic Poems – Participants use their first name to create a short poem. Writing their name vertically, they use each letter to start a line that describes something about themselves. 
  5. Childhood Dream – Ask participants to share a childhood dream. Where do they envision themselves in the future? What is the greatest aspiration?
  6. Would You Rather – Ask participants “Would you rather…” questions, and let them answer. Challenge them to make up some of their own!
  7. Tell A Short Story In 7 Words 
  8. Describe Your Mood As A Color

Take a minute to watch members of the member and district resources committee talk about some of these activities:

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