What’s Poppin’ PNW: August 19, 2022

Hi Key Clubbers! For this week’s What’s Poppin PNW, we are featuring Division 58. Here is a message from the Lieutenant Governor, Tina Nguyen: “Mighty and strong, Division 58 has been thriving in our community and within Key Club. I am excited to announce that Division 58 has raised over $1,000 to go towards Help End Hunger in our local community and in our district. By the end of the school year, Division 58 had donated 2,300 lbs to local food banks in their community. I am extremely proud of the work they have done! More recently, Division 58 had a DCM where they painted a bookcase that will be donated to a local community center to promote reading to youth. The bookcase will be filled with books children and students can take to cherish or contribute to share! I’m so excited to see how much further we will grow this year! <3” Thanks Tina!