What’s Poppin’ PNW: June 26, 2020

#WhatsPoppinPNW It’s Friday, which means it’s the first What’s Poppin’ PNW of this Key Club Year! Even though most volunteering has been virtual or now social distanced across our District, our members have overcome these obstacles to serve their communities. Every 2nd and 3rd Friday of the month, we will feature an event, division, club or member! This week the spotlights on Division AYS for their Joint volunteer event with Kiwanians. #WhatsPoppinPNW ———— Here’s a brief description by LTG Morgan Fromme: “Hey Key Clubbers! This post is featuring the amazing Division AYS Anchorage Kiwanis Club and Key Clubs. They partnered together on June 5th to clean a local road the Kiwanians had adopted. Once the snow melted in spring, the amount of litter in the area was awful. It was really important for the environment to get all of the trash removed, so this was a great help for the community’s overall health. These amazing Key Clubbers also worked on the video for the virtual Relay for Life that was on June 13th here in Anchorage. I’d like to thank you all for your help and your service! Keep up the good work!”